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 Paul Okoye (P Square) verses his wife Anita Okoye

Anita wanted the famous group of P Square to break and Paul did that for her. After that, she requested to be the director of the new company (RudeBoy Records), that Paul has created, he agreed. Anita asked Paul to fire his manager so that her younger brother who studied music at University of Lagos can become his new manager. But this time Paul refused.



Anita then ask Paul to send her to every program, events and shows that he attends and Paul refused.


She heard that the brothers (P Square) are planning to get back together and instructed Paul not to attend the reconciliation meeting the Paul’s family organized but Paul ignored her. From that time she made up her mind to starve him for sex, yes she denied his husband Paul sex for 5 good months just to make him know she is angry. Paul told Jude’s wife to apologize on his behalf but Anita refused to do her duty at night.



So Paul got a girlfriend and rented an apartment for her. And he stopped asking for sex from Anita. She also retaliated during Christmas by refusing her children from attending the annual Okoye family party at Jude’s house.

There months late she decided to take the kids on holiday in the US where her sister resides. Paul told her to wait till August. When Paul went for a show in the UK in April, little did he know that his wife will fled to the United State without his permission.



Therefore In June, Paul decided to pay a surprise visit to his sister law in the USA only to discover that Anita was not with her sister but rather She was in Utah with her ex-boyfriend. Who is from the same town with Peter and Anita in Rivers State. Paul then requested to see the kids, but she refused so he left and returned to Nigeria.



From that day she has been expecting him to file for divorce, but after waiting for several months and not hearing him make any move, she decided to file it herself. Paul was giving her 3 million naira every month.

If you were Paul Okoye (P Square) will you have gone for a DNA test of all to verify that, the kids are truly yours?



Will you love to see the twins (P SQUARE) to unite after a long break up in the music industry? There are rumors that, the dynamic duo is back together.



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